Cold Milling Specialists since 1985

Started in 1985, this operation typically serves as a subcontractor to road surfacing contractors by removing the surface of roads to be resurfaced.  In resurfacing a road, two to twelve inches of the existing road surface are typically removed before a new layer of hot-mix asphalt product or concrete surface is applied.

half  full  trench  butt  strip

Removal of the old road surface is done with a roto-milling machine that features a mandrel studded with cutting bits rotating on a horizontal axis.  The width of the rotating cylinders, or drums can range from twelve inches to fourteen feet.  One pass of the roto-milling machine is typically sufficient to remove an existing road surface to the desired depth.

ASC maintains high standards on equipment performance.  While costly, this heavy equipment requires frequent upgrade or replacement due to the repetitive concussion effects on the equipment.  Technology changes and the hardness of surfaces being cut are also factors in equipment service.

The roto-mill operation serves a geographic market within roughly a 300-mile radius around its Jacksonville, Illinois base.   The roto-mill season  typically runs from April through November, but at times has been extended into some winter months.

Rumble Strip work has an longer season than the rest.